Papa's trains is old-fashioned funny entertainment as he reminisces with today's seniors kindling their memories of the past. As "Papa" moves his small train table around the room, he will stop and engage residents in conversation. A senior himself, Papa will inspire his audience to participate and operate his miniature railroad with lights, sounds and animations.

Besides his railroad, residents will see flying helicopters, a kite, working construction machines, an operating amusement park with a merry-go-round, ferris wheel and giant swing, and a boat gliding down the river. They will hear the sounds of trains, farm animals, sirens on emergency vehicles, children playing and the song Oh Susannah.

Residents will be captivated as Papa, a great raconteur, highlights his remarkable journey through a business profession, model railroading and entertainment career. His energetic demeanour and ability to connect with his audience will ensure a very entertaining performance.

Papa's mission in life is to give back to his community by putting a smile on someone's face each and every day. As a volunteer at his grandchildren's school and at McMaster Children's Hospital, Papa has devoted thousands of hours making a better day for those in need. Papa's simple yet outstanding program is dedicated to providing a valued recreation and resident satisfaction.

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