Papa’s Trains is an extraordinary interactive miniature electric model train layout in a varied animated setting including an urban city, a rural farm and an operating amusement park.

Papa’s train is designed for both children and seniors. With Papa’s guidance, all ages have the opportunity to operate the trains and press a myriad of buttons activating over forty lights, forty sounds and fifteen motors.

This remarkable energetic performance is an unforgettable experience that always brings a smile to children’s faces and a sparkle to their eyes.

But that is only half the show. The other half is my comedic dialogue as I play the role of the stooge for the children operating the trains and the parents watching my performance.

Papa's zest to live life to the fullest is candidly illustrated with his passionate performance entertaining seniors. Using his model railroad as an interactive prop, Papa's story telling will provide a unique format to entertain seniors with stories from the past to the present. They will remember their visit with "Papa" as a great hour of enjoyment.


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